Hebridean and Castlemilk Moorit Sheep
Rare breed conservation & education
Nature conservation & education
Hand spun wool from our not for meat flock
Talks & visits by appointment

The Shepherd's Year

Join the Garn-clochdy Shepherd on his annual cycle with the flock by following his Shepherds Year diary

Talks and Visits

The Garn-clochdy Shepherd is available for educational talks and visits. In addition, visits to Shepherds Meadow to see the Garn-clochdy Flock in their natural environment can be arranged by appointment. Please get in touch for more details and costs.

Garn-clochdy Shop

View our small but growing range of Garn-clochdy products including mugs, bags, cushions and beautiful, natural coloured, hand spun, pure wool yarn from our Hebridean and Castlemilk Moorit sheep.

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