Meet The Shepherd

The Garn-clochdy Shepherd is Steve Smith.

I have lived in the beautiful Cwmafon Valley that runs between Pontypool and Blaenavon, in South Wales all my life. Ever since I was a boy I have had a great interest in natural history, particularly birds, contributing to many published works over the years.

As I got older, nature conservation played a big part in my life, and in more recent times when working as a National Park Ranger, I was able to put my enthusiasm into practice at a professional level.

I live in an area where sheep are numerous and since a very early age found myself helping out on a neighbours farm. I always dreamed about having my own small flock and in 2010 I purchased my first sheep, after much pondering about which breed to get etc.

I eventually fell in love with the Hebridean breed and came home with two ewes and two Welsh black wether rams (the latter saved from slaughter), with a view that four animals were going to be enough! The rest, as they say…is history……

At this stage of my life I carry the various labels (to a greater or lesser degree) of ornithologist, author, musician, ranger, artist, and in the past, footballer. While today I am enjoying my life as a shepherd .

The Garn-clochdy Shepherd Steve Smith POntypool Monmouthshire South Wales